Practitioners are “all in,” so to speak. They are partners, members, and users and would like to help 8fold thrive while potentially receiving more in return by way of promotion, access, and the ability to work under, alongside, or without the 8fold brand while operating their practice.

If we choose practitioners wisely, the strengths of one helps fill the gaps of another. You shouldn’t have to do it all, that’s a drawback of working alone.


Either of the following will start the process to becomming a practitioner:

  1. a current practitioner in good standing recommends you to the practitioners, or
  2. you, as a partner in good standing, express interest.

Current practitioners will determine if 8fold could benefit from another practitioner. If practitioners decide 8fold isn’t ready, you may get a letter saying so. If they decide 8fold is ready, you may get invited to an 8fold event (which may include the monthly). The secondary purpose of the event becomes determining whether 8fold is ready for yourto be a practitioner.

The invitation will include a homework assignment:

The 5 Ps
List your top 3-5 skills or activities you currently enjoy to the point of doing for free or paying someone else to participate in (skydiving is a perfectly valid response).
List of your top 3-5 skills or activities you are at least passable at performing but requires some degree of begging, bribary, or coercion for you to want to do them.
List of your top 3-5 pet-peeves. You don't do or believe these things and find yourself getting upset when others do.
List of 3-5 things you will not or have absolutelyno desire to learn or do; coercion won't even get you there.
List of 3-5 things you wish to learn, which may be in support of your passions or pensives but not required to be.

The event consists of two parts:

  1. The ice-breaker: an ice-breaker involving all participants talking about their five Ps.
  2. The event: the event goes on as scheduled, with you participating as a practitioner during the event.

At the close of the event the practitioners determine whether to make you a practitioner.

We use this process to:

Once you’re accepted, an email will be sent explaining next steps.


Practitioners come and go as they please and for whatever reason. For the most part, if you stop earning the requisite Folds per month, things will take care of themselves.