We take a deliberate, holistic, and iterative approach to our culture. Our culture begins with the Manifesto for Agile Software Development; replacing each instance of the word “software” with the word “solutions.” We extend the Manifesto with our own values, principles, and practices.


Agency: We acknowledge you by enabling the realization of what is meaningful to you.

Humility: We avoid jealousy and condescension between people. Do not try to be better or worse than others, try to be better than who you were yesterday.

Community: We engage in relationships to increase connection and belonging while treating you with compassion.

Evolution: We make deliberate decisions regarding what to change and to what extent in order to continuously improve.

Agility: We do what we can to increase our ability to absorb change given our varying context.

The Tao of Productivity: We strive to balance efficiency, effectiveness, scope, and speed in a way that works for us.


Time is the only commodity that matters.

If we aren’t inspired by it, it’s difficult to inspire others.

Trying to please everyone inspires no one.

No task is above or below a practitioner.

Complex systems emerge from simple rules and goals.

Danger is real—fear is a choice.

Pulling is generally met with less friction than pushing.

Working at 100% utilization is not a noble goal.

Don’t be a weasel. Don’t talk negatively about anyone if they are not in the room with no intent of interaction with that person (or you have not already discussed the topic with them).


The following practices are used to embody and encourage our values and principles.

Continuously assess if something agrees with or contradicts our values, principles, and practices. If a user believes there is dissonance between something at 8fold and our values, principles, and practices, that user is encouraged to say or act in order to improve it.

Ask if the reason behind something is still valid. We believe the ‘why’ behind things is important. Further, in keeping with our core value of evolution, if the why behind anything appears invalid, the thing itself is invalid. Finally, if the why emerges again, it may be necessary to “dust off” what was put away.

All practitioners are members, but not all members are practitioners. Members believe in the mission of 8fold and show support through earning Folds.

Members choose their individual work. If a member determines a task is beyond their level of knowledge, ability, or passion, they may ask another to teach or take on the task. However, no member has the authority to assign a task to someone else.

Create intentional conflict norms.

Results only work environment. It’s your life. You are a professional. You are the most qualified to determine what you’re working on and when. Your fellow users have no right, obligation, or authority to watch over you without your permission.

Transparency with confidentiality.

Practitioners own the products of their minds; 8fold owns trade marks, names, and marketing collateral. The intellectual property policies of most organizations tend to protect the organization should someone leave over protecting or helping the employee should the organization let them go.

“Final” does not exist. Final implies a thing will never change and cannot be improved. It is what it is; further, is it as it should be?

Knowledge sharing over knowledge hoarding.