User Agreements

8fold is comprised of user groups: user to practitioner. Each subsequent group is encompassed by the previous group. Therefore, the subsequent group has the same benefits and responsibilities of thre previous group, with the additional benefits and responsibilities of the current group.

User Agreement

See the general Service Agreement, Privacy Agreement, and Policies.

The aforementioned comprise the base User Agreement applicable to anyone acquiring products or services from 8fold or its practitioners.

Membership Agreement

A member is a user who would like to give more, or in a different way to 8fold.

The 8fold Membership Agreement extends the 8fold Service Agreement.

8fold is a member-driven organization made of like-minded professionals coming together to mutual benefit with each other and those we serve.

As a member, you agree to earn the minimum number of Folds for your level by contributing time, money, or a combination thereof to 8fold and its members, partners, and practitioners (“The Fold”). Further, by being a member, you are permitted access to member-only Services and site areas. Finally, by earning Folds you qualify for profit redistribution, described by the Fold System and governed by the Fold Policy.

There are two primary ways to cancel your membership:

  1. stop contributing to 8fold and the status of the account will be changed in accordance with the 8fold Data Policy, or
  2. delete your account.

Solution-focused and empowered

Everything you experience at 8fold is the direct result of work performed by members with the help of users, individually and collectively. We believe those who identify a problem, or care deeply for it, are the ones most qualified to address it.

While you are not required to take on the task of finding a workable solution to a problem you identify, it is encouraged. Further, going back to our—you define and decide the work to be performed related to the proposed solution.

Member benefits

Financial. See the Fold System.

Partnership Agreement

A partner is a specific type of member who typically wants to use more of 8fold’s promotion capabilities.

The 8fold Partnership Agreement extends the 8fold Membership Agreement. Agreement with this requires agreement with the 8fold Membership Agreement.

Partner benefits

Promotional. As a partner you can add your card to the partner page.

Practitioner Agreement

8fold Practitioners are Partners who decide to take on the highest level of commitment to 8fold possible. Practitioners are not employees and this document is not an employment agreement.

The 8fold Practitioner Agreement extends the 8fold Partnership Agreement. Agreement with this requires agreement with the 8fold Partnership Agreement.

Practitioners supply products and services to users and comprise the 8fold Services.

Practitioners own or are employees of their own companies who voluntarily join 8fold to benefit from its practitioner-focused services and community.

Time commitment

Participation in The Monthly, which is voluntary. When you attend you have the opportunity to shape 8fold, set priorities, and contribute to the achievements of yourself, your peers, and 8fold itself. When you choose not to attend, you implicitly agree to the changes made in your absence.

Practitioner benefits

Promotional. As a practitioner you can create a full page public profile, list your products and services, and promote your events.

Back office. 8fold practitioners have access to various materials, processes, and partners, who seek to reduce the administrative burden felt when running one's own business.

When to use the 8fold brand. If you are performing work for a client or user requiring the use of assets owned and maintained by 8fold or its practitioners you agree to do so under the 8fold brand name. Further, if you begin working with a client or user referred to you by another 8fold practitioner, you agree to do so under the 8fold brand name..

Instructor Agreement

The Instructor Agreement extends the Practitioner Agreement and applies whenever a practitioner is operating as an instructor to an individual or group.

If the class does not result in certification, marketing materials for the class must state such.

If the class does result in certification, it is the responsibility of the pracitioner hosting the class to ensure that all trainers and co-trainers have the necessary credentials for teaching that course in a certifying capacity.