Privacy Agreement

Privacy is important. The 8fold Privacy Agreement was developed with the same mindset as our products and services: Would we want to do business with us?

This policy sets out our privacy practices and explains how we handle the information we collect when you visit and use our sites, services, products, and content (“Services”).

What we may collect

Information you send us and referral information may be tied directly to you as a user. When you use 8fold Services or contact us, we may use third-party applications and services. Those services and 8fold may use this information to fight spam and other abuses; to personalize 8fold Services; or to aggregate non-identifying information about how people use 8fold Services.

The following sections describe what data is collected, under what circumanstances, and what third-party services we may use.

Site usage tracking

When tracking is enabled on 8fold sites, we collect only information needed to differentiate humans and web crawlers, what pages were visited, and when; specifically:

  1. a system-developed session identifier,
  2. the current [.URL](uniform resource locator) the session is associated with,
  3. the URL from which the session arrived at the current URL, and
  4. the time the session arrived at the current URL using our server clocks.

These data are collected to help gain insight how users are traversing the sites, how long they are staying, where they came from (referrers), and the number of sessions (not individuals) are doing so.

We do not collect or store:

  1. your IP Address,
  2. your location,
  3. browser and other client information (including browsing history), or
  4. any known personal information that can be used atomically or in aggregate that may identify a living person.

You can see the implementation by 8fold developers on GitHub.

Email from 8fold

Sometimes we send administrative emails about account or service changes, or new policies. You cannot opt-out of those emails. You can always opt-out of non-administrative emails such as newsletters. We will not email you to ask for your password or other account information. If you receive such an email, send it to us so we can investigate.

Disclosure of your information

As a rule, we do not share your personal information outside of 8fold.

We will not sell your personal information.

We may share your personal information with third parties in limited circumstances, including: (1) with your consent; (2) to a vendor or partner who meets our data protection standards; or (3) when we have a good faith belief it is required by law, such as pursuant to a subpoena or other legal process.

If we’re going to share your information in response to legal processes, we will attempt to give you advance notice so you can challenge it (for example, by seeking intervention from the courts), unless we’re prohibited from doing so by law or court order. We will object to requests for information about users of our Services we believe to be improper.

If we merge with another company such that your information will become subject to a different privay policy, we will notify you prior to transfer. You can opt-out of the new policy by deleting your account during the notice period.


We may use cookies and similar technologies such as pixels and local storage to recognize you when you return to some of our Services. We use them in various ways. For example, to log you in, remember preferences (such as default language), evaluate email effectiveness, and personalize information.

Some third-party services we use, such as Google Analytics, may place their own cookies in your browser. This Privacy Policy covers use of cookies by 8fold only and not the use of cookies by third parties.

Data Storage

8fold uses third-party vendors and hosting partners for hardware, software, networking, storage, and related technology we need to run 8fold Services.

Modifying your personal information or deleting your account

If you have an 8fold account, you can access and modify your personal information, or delete your account.

To protect information from accidental or malicious destruction, we may not immediately delete residual copies from our active servers and may not remove information from our backup systems.

If you delete your account, your account and content may be unrecoverable.

Data security

We use encryption (HTTPS/TLS) to protect data transmitted to and from some of our Services. However, no data transmission over the Internet is 100% secure, so we can’t guarantee security. You use the Service at your own risk, and you’re responsible for taking reasonable measures to secure your account (like using a strong password).

Changes to this policy

8fold may periodically update this Policy. We’ll notify you about significant changes to it. The most current version of the policy will always be here and we will archive former versions of the policy on GitHub.